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Progettinfanzia is an association of Municipalities (Boretto, Brescello, Gualtieri, Guastalla, Luzzara, Novellara, Poviglio, Reggiolo) in Province of Reggio Emilia, operating preschools.
Progettinfanzia develops and organizes moments of exchange with other countries around the topics of child culture, pedagogy and organization of educative institutions.

Sharing thoughts about education, listening one to another and comparing different experiences represents a great opportunity of growth and qualification of the pedagogical approach for each country involved.
The encounter with other countries is a possibility to create connections between different territories, but also to potentiate the connections between different professions like teachers, university staff, pedagogical coordinators and administrators.

An exchange between child cultures, but first of all between cultures in a European and International frame in continuous evolution.

Pedagogical coordination

Pedagogical coordination in the municipal schools and preschools of the Bassa Reggiana

Pedagogical and psychological consultancy

Pedagogical and psychological consultancy at school and educational facilities

Organization of conferences

Organization and management of conferences, seminars, visits and study days

Design of school services

Design, organization and coordinated management of educational and educational services

Leisure services

Design, organization and management of leisure services for children

Projects and communication tools

Projects, initiatives and communication tools for institutions in the field of education

Education first

Progettinfanzia develops and organizes opportunities for exchange and training with other countries on the themes of child culture and pedagogical exploration.
Sharing reflections in the educational field, listening to all the voices and comparing different experiences represents, for us, a great opportunity for growth and qualification of the pedagogical approach in a reciprocal dialogue with each country involved.

Ideas to grow

The meeting with other countries is a possibility to create relationships between different territories but also to strengthen the links between different professions: teachers, university staff, pedagogical coordinators and administrators. An exchange between different childhood cultures that, we believe, is first and foremost an exchange of cultures in continuous evolution within the European and international context.
The path of the Bassa Reggiana on services for early childhood has distant roots, but it is made up of women and men who have sensed the need to focus on girls and children with their rights. People who have grasped the importance of caring for and protecting, but in the growing awareness – given by experience as well as by the theoretical observations that have multiplied not only in Europe since the nineteenth century – of the need to actively participate in the strengthening of childhood culture.

Un senso nel tempo
edizioni libre, 2018

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Progettinfanzia, via Bellini 7, 42016 Guastalla – info@progettinfanzia.it
C.F. 90011780351 – P.I. 02199190352

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