9 November 2019: a delegation of 19 educators from preschools in the province of Bergamo visited the preschool Soliani Scutellari of Brescello together with the educator Alessandra Ferrari, to deepen the theme of the design approach.

Some of the observations left by the educators:

I go out with the knowledge that I can bring home a lot. Our eyes must refine to be able to tune into each other, “removing” and focusing on one aspect at a time. How many tracks are possible if we listen?
It is possible: two words that are my motto and that today I feel more mine than ever.

I felt welcomed.

I bring home enthusiasm and desire to do.

Cooperate, compare, ask questions, offer reflections.


Flexibility and reflection.

“The care” of the environment and of the documentation that transmits, to the observer, the taking care of those who “live” the school.

Care … of indoor and outdoor environments, care of children’s time.

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