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Boretto, a coastal town that grew up on the bank of the Po, recalls an ancient fishing village in its city center. The church, in the center of the village, is dedicated to San Marco, to remember the close link with the city of Venice, which through the Great River was reached with a day of navigation.



Along the river



The Po has always accompanied the life and activities of these people, and to live a piece of history you can take a walk along the Po, overlooking the marina, or get lost in the austere architecture of the Po Museum, housed in the spaces which, up until the last century, were occupied by civil engineering. The double thread that binds Boretto to the waterway is also found in the Museum of the Bridges in which the son of the last captain (and nephew of the first) has collected memories and witness of the ancient bridge of boats that connected the Emilian shore to the Lombard one of the Po. The same passion for the territory is found in the Multimedia Museum of the Reclamation, housed in a large typical littoria architecture, built in the 1920s as a water outlet.



Border characters



A land that is also made up of original and incredible characters like Pietro Ghizzardi, an anomalous and original artist who made his authentic instinct a key to reading the world. His house-museum was set up to discover the life of this character who, in the humility of his life, transformed his life into art.

Even today, in the floodplain area, it is possible to meet the King of the Po, Alberto Manotti, for over forty years engaged in collecting what the River offers to make magical architectures and dream objects.

The town was the birthplace of Marcello Nizzoli, designer, painter, architect and advertiser, creator of many Olivetti typewriters including the very famous Letter 22. Visit the hall of the Municipal Council of Boretto, decorated in Art Nouveau style by a very young Nizzoli and you will see that his taste and his dexterity were already visible.



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