Is calledThe most beautiful of our days – a history of educationthe project presented by the Progettinfanzia Bassa Reggiana together with Istoreco and all’istituto DGB Bildungswerk Hessen and funded by the European Commission under the CERV program
The project intends to deepen and make known the history of 0-6 educational services in the Reggio area, promoting common values, female participation, great sensitivity towards the culture of childhood of the community and the care of the educational environment that this territory has expressed since ancient times and which, in particular from the post-war period onwards, created the conditions for services of excellence recognized all over the world.
The European Commission evaluated this experience as fully representative of European values and good practices, and considered knowing its origins and history as an important contribution to building greater awareness of European citizenship.
Starting from the contributions used to make the book A sense over time, written by Alexia Salati, which tells the history of educational services in the Bassa Reggiana, and from the documentary promoted by Istoreco: Women and schools of Reggio Emilia, directed by Sabine Lingenauber, documentary and archival materials will be made available on an online platform. The project also provides for the dissemination of historical events through the creation of a podcast - in Italian, English and German - and through presentation events.

“The recognition by the European Commission of the funding for the project - Camilla Verona, Mayor of Guastalla and President of Progettinfanzia says - not only qualifies the proposal and the activities presented, but explicitly recognizes in the historical events that have characterized the birth and growth of educational services 0-6, fundamental values for European citizenship and expression of the best civic activism, on which to base our community of the future ".

"Historical research is increasingly important to better understand the value of today - Arturo Bertoldi, President of Istoreco adds - Knowing and making known the events of the past are among Istoreco's objectives, and it is a pleasure to note that, despite the difficult times, there is a convergence of values, sensitivities and objectives in Europe that has led to the financing of a project that has at its center the birth of early childhood education services ".