Bassa Reggiana – territory


City fortress, Renaissance court and military outpost. A delicate balance between strength and beauty, on ancient streets and buildings.

An important history

Of Etruscan origin, the village of Guastalla inherited its toponym from the Lombard period, during which it had become an important guard post. Even in the Middle Ages the town had reached a certain importance, as evidenced by two papal councils, held on these lands. But it is the two dynasties, first of Torelli, and especially of the Gonzagas after turning Guastalla into a refined and cultured Renaissance court, as well as an important military garrison fortified for the many battles held in northern Italy throughout the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Stripped by the Spaniards of its strategic role, the city passed under the Bourbons of Parma and then under the duchy of Maria Luigia of Austria. With the unification it became part of the Kingdom of Italy and, in the twentieth century, always maintained a strong agricultural vocation, combined with a certain industrial development.

Places of culture

The city center can be enjoyed crossing Via Gonzaga, a straight road that crosses the town and leads to the main monuments: the Palazzo Ducale and the Duomo, both of which date back to the 16th century and partly redone over the centuries. Among the interesting places to discover is the Biblioteca Maldotti, an ancient legacy that contains over 30 thousand volumes and the “cross of Volterra”, at the intersection of Corso Prampolini and Via VI, in fact, we can see the particular urban layout of the city center. There are many churches that dot the town and also the surroundings, where there are several Romanesque churches dating back to the Middle Ages.

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