Bassa Reggiana – territory


Tradition has it that the same town toponym derives from those clouds and fogs that so often, in winter, envelop these lands: nubilaria.

A quiet elegance

In the year 1100 the first fortified fortress was built at the highest point of the village. About 200 years later the village was sold to the Gonzaga family, who wisely governed it until the extinction of the family branch, in 1728. Many, in the city plant, traces of that enlightened government: from the beautiful architecture of the Rocca, which still it collects a beautiful museum whose spearhead is the collection of Jesuit pharmaceutical vases, the Collegiate Church of Santo Stefano, even the elegant shape of the square, with its low porticoes.

Between different environments

Inside the Rocca there is also a small and delightful theater, while the artistic collections include the picture gallery of the austere portraits of the Gonzaga family, some paintings by Lelio Orsi, a highly prized sixteenth-century Mannerist painter.
The Valleys of Novellara are then a level oasis for migratory birds and a habitat with special environmental characteristics, the only trace of the ancient marshes, rich in history and nature.

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