Infant toddler centers and preschools

The Pedagogical Coordination


The Pedagogical Coordination is a collective institution that deals with shared educational research, in comparison with the working groups that form the different organizational levels within infant toddler centers and preschools: from children to educational and teacher staff, from auxiliaries to families.

Through the design activity of the Pedagogical Coordination in the Bassa Reggiana, a natural access to knowledge is sought that starts from the curiosity of childhood, following the different sensitivities and awareness. This approach is not based on a predefined program but originates from the interests of children, and sees adults as competent supporters, also stimulating the link with the territory in which the path is inserted, enhancing environmental and cultural factors. We do not work for a homologation of good practices, but for a constant experimentation that develops around the potential for child growth.

The Pedagogical Coordination, together with the management of the municipal preschools, is entrusted to the Azienda Servizi Bassa Reggiana.


In the municipalities of the Bassa Reggiana there are 9 infant toddler centers (+ 1 detached section) and 5 preschools

Nido “Zenit” BORETTO

Scuola dell’infanzia “Zenit” BORETTO

Nido “Carmen Zanti” BRESCELLO

Scuola dell’infanzia “Soliani Scutellari” BRESCELLO

Nido “Il Ciliegio” GUALTIERI

Nido “Iride” GUASTALLA

Scuola dell’infanzia “Arcobaleno” GUASTALLA

Nido “La Stella” LUZZARA

Nido “La Stella” Sez. Villarotta LUZZARA

Nido “Aquilone” NOVELLARA

Nido “Birillo” NOVELLARA

Scuola dell’infanzia “Arcobaleno” NOVELLARA

Nido “Gianni Rodari” POVIGLIO

Scuola dell’infanzia “La Ginestra” POVIGLIO

Nido “Bamby” REGGIOLO

Progettinfanzia, via Bellini 7, 42016 Guastalla –
C.F. 90011780351 – P.I. 02199190352

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