In the preschools and schools of the Bassa Reggiana we experimenting with different ways and approaches, implementing specific projects and points of view that are always new

For over 10 years, Progettinfanzia participates regularly in European projects dedicated to the culture of childhood, interacting with international partners and consolidating its vision.

From Majority to Everyone

European project that pursues the themes of diversity and inclusion in preschool and in society


Educational scenarios and participation among services, infancy and public spaces of the territory

Parenthood 2.0

New forms of parental participation, in the preschools and schools, widening the gaze also to other institutions

Shaking The Habitual

Stereotypes and habits compared to the development of autonomy and identity of childhood


Children as “builders of democracy” rather than their identity and their peculiarities


foSTering early childhOod media liteRacy competencIES. Technology and creativity for early childhood

Learning To Learn

Open spaces as educational elements and as contributing factor of knowledge and creativity

The territory, with its forms of art and culture, has always influenced the curiosity of children and adults. Thus projects and activities are born whose purpose is to promote the culture of childhood

Squares of childhood

Squares of childhood is the event, which unites all the territories of the Bassa Reggiana, where space is given for the promotion and dissemination of the culture of childhood in public spaces. Every year meetings, workshops, ateliers and presentations dedicated to children are organized, but not only. Municipal preschools and schools are the protagonists of this experience, open to other schools in the area, including higher education systems.

edizioni libre

It is a publisher that promotes readings for children and education, supporting the value of differences through the diffusion of a variety of looks and characterizing itself as an opportunity to enhance the culture of girls and children, in a constantly changing context. It is an opportunity to spread innovative ideas on childhood, offering texts and games that aim to go beyond stereotypes.

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