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history and culture

The eight Municipalities of the Bassa Reggiana are located in the center of the Po Valley, south of the river Po, from which many of them are lapped, and to the north-west of the city of Reggio Emilia. Boretto, Brescello, Gualtieri, Guastalla, Luzzara, Novellara, Poviglio and Reggiolo still bear traces of a past rich in culture. The ancient history of these lands traces back to prehistoric times and to the terramaric witnesses discovered here. The Romans have left many traces, first and most evident of all the orthogonal conformation of this plain which, seen from above, reveals the traces of the centuriation very clear.

But it is especially in the Renaissance that the Bassa Reggiana is populated by small courts in the Po, city state that still compete with their artistic traces, in beauty.

The ancient villages are married to good food and a flat landscape, mostly cultivated and in some cases, near the great river Po, still wild and fascinating.

Between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, that democratic and participatory culture was born and developed, which makes these lands an important laboratory also in the present.

This country, where I was born, I believed for a long time that it was the whole world.
Now that I’ve really seen the world and I know it’s made up of many small countries, I do not know if I was very wrong then as a boy.
Cesare Pavese, The moon and the bonfires

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