Seventeen teachers, coming from different countries including Russia and Ukraine, but also from the USA, Montenegro, Armenia, visited the municipal educational services in Bassa Reggiana on Tuesday 5 July,closing a year which, after the suspension caused by Covid, saw delegations from abroad returning to the territory visiting the infant-toddler centers and preschools of the eight municipalities of the Bassa Reggiana Union. After a lesson of project based examples, the delegation moved to the Soliani Scutellari preschool in Brescello to visit the structure and the fittings.

Camilla Verona, Major of Guastalla, as President of Progettinfanzia Association,underlines that: "There were about 250 people who visited the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools this year. An important number, if you think that it is a reopening to travel and exchange experiences, which comes after almost two years of stop. We have hosted, maintaining the highest safety standards, students, teachers, school staff and managers coming mainly from Austria, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden but also Brazil and Malaysia. Through Progettinfanzia we have organized training courses, visits to educational services 0-6, but also historical cultural insights and food and wine experiences, for a broad knowledge of the territory and that combined moments of sharing and knowledge of the beauties that characterize our Municipalities with the professional study, because the pleasure of learning, a value that has characterized our educational system since early childhood, is also based on the richness of experiences and relationships in adults. This is also why we strongly believe in the value of exchanges with foreign countries, necessary to consolidate friendships and relationships which, after all, even in these historical moments of international tension, represent the true hope of remaining united in the face of adversity ".

Since 2005, the Progettinfanzia Association has been involved in promoting relations with abroad by organizing training courses and study visits in the area, signing agreements and exchanges with European and non-European institutions, participating in European projects. The excellence of 0-6 municipal educational services is in fact widely recognized and a source of interest and insights from all over the world.