A visit from Uddevalla _ Sweden

The headmaster Lars-Åke Frykholm and the teachers of the school Matilda from Uddevalla (Sweden) spent some days in Bassa Reggiana visiting the preschool Zenit in Boretto (4 July)  and the infant toddler center G. Rodari in Poviglio (5 July).
They attended to the lecture Listening the places: children, infant toddler center, territory with Giliola Belli, pedagogical coordinator.

The group visited the balsamic vinegar factory “San Giacomo” in Novellara and the city of Reggio Emilia.


Shaking the habitual: meeting in Guastalla



The Eu project  Shaking the Habitual: norm critical approaches to gender in early childhood education setting was granted by the National Agency in Sweden the 24 of June 2015. The preschools that are participating in the project comes from


SWEDEN:     Agnebäckens förskola, Landvetter / Nicolaigarden-Egalia, Stockholm

ICELAND:      Hjallastefnan, Garðabær

ITALY :            Progettinfanzia, Guastalla

 The Project wants to investigate preschool activities with gender and equality glasses on.

From 25 to 27 May the partners of the project met to Progettinfanzia Headquarters in Guastalla.


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BRIC PROJECT- Open public forum in Gothemburg

From the 30th of May to the 3rd of June Sweden is in turn to host the BRIC meeting. The teachers will visit preschools and exchange their ideas and practices of childrens democratic engagement i public spaces. The 31th of May there will be an Open Public Forum to show all the exciting work going on and the first results of the project. Children, teachers, politicians, parents and researchers will share their thoughts, reflections and experiences.



Visit from HDK Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg _ Sweden

From  8 to 12 May 2016 we had the pleasure to welcome 25 professors from HDK the Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg _ Sweden.

The participants had the opportunity to visit  the new infant toddler center Iride in Guastalla, the infant toddler center  Il Ciliegio in Gualtieri and the preschool Arcobaleno in Novellara. They deepened and reflected through discussion and confrontation of different views on the relation between arts and pedagogical  approach.The group attended to a first lecture about The Bassa Reggiana Educational Philosophy  held by the pedagogical coordinator Mascia Marconi  and a  second one about The education appeal of open materials with the pedagogical coordinator Alessandra Ferrari.

A special thanks to Tarja Häikiö,  Senior Lecturer in Visual arts, Head of Dept. Teachers training program in Visual arts, for her precious collaboration.




Visit from SOAL, Hamburg

From 17 to 19 May thanks to the collaboration with SOAL  we received the visit of a group of 18 teachers and professors from Hamburg .The infant toddler center Aquilone in Novellara, Iride in Guastalla and the preschool La Ginestra in Poviglio welcomed the participants after a first day of pedagogical introduction.

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Visit from Technische Universität Braunschweig _ GERMANY

On Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 May some professors from the University of Braunschweig  visited the infant toddler center G. Rodari in Poviglio and the preschool Zenit in Boretto to get in touch with the Bassa Reggiana pedagogical approach.

On Wednesday 18 May Vania Tagliavini, pedagogical coordinator, held a lecture about an example of educational project at Istoreco in Reggio Emilia city.



Study week from Barnpedagogiskt Forum (group 3)

From 2 to 6 May a group of 34 educators and  headmasters, organized by the Barnpedagogiskt Forum, visited some preschools and infant toddler centers in Bassa Reggiana District.

During the morning the participants had the opportunity to visit the municipal infant toddler centers Aquilone in Novellara, Rodari in Poviglio and the preschool Soliani Scutellari in Brescello. The visits were composed by a moment of presentation with the pedagogical coordinator and the teachers, visits of the spaces, a moment of reflection, discussion and exchange, concluding with a lunch in the schools. The afternoon was  dedicated to lectures about the pedagogical theories and practices to support parents’ inclusion and participation.



Study week from Barnpedagogiskt Forum (group 2)

From 18 to 22 April  our preschools welcomed a group of 28 headmasters   from Lerum, Sweden, coordinated  by the Barnpedagogiskt Forum. They visited the infant toddler centers  Bamby in Reggiolo, Birillo in Novellara and the preschool Arcobaleno in Guastalla.

During afternoons the participants attended to the lectures Change management and decision processes in preschool organization held by the director of Progettinfanzia Cristian Fabbi and The role of the adult through a project approach example with the pedagogical coordinator Patrizia Benedetti.














Visit from Spain!!

A group of teachers coming from different cities of Spain  (Palma, Coruna, Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia, Avila, Toledo..) organized a study week in Bassa Reggiana from 11 to 15 April 2016. The teachers were interested in exchanging professional experiences in the field of early childhood education observing the organization  system and the pedagogical approach of Bassa Reggiana preschools.
They visited the preschool Zenit in Boretto, the preschool La Ginestra in Poviglio and the new infant toddler center Iride in Guastalla.

Thanks to everyone for the collaboration!

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