At the first introductory meeting (10 October), particularly dedicated to the psychology of inertia and to that psychological process that leads to not intervening in the face of problematic situations, if others do not do it first, practical meetings with the staff followed.

Together with the auxiliary operators (October 25th) and, subsequently, in groups, with educators and teachers of early childhood services (October 28th and 29th), Mariza Menzà proposed practical meetings that, starting from provocative theoretical situations, led to reflection together on the dynamics that trigger in critical contexts. The awareness that attending problematic moments in places of great delicacy, such as infant toddler centers and preschools, involves the responsibility not only to intervene, but to do it in the right way, safeguarding first and foremost the well-being of children, but also the educational context itself, understood as a relationship between colleagues.

Moments of dialogue and reflection that have helped to outline the path to follow to identify answers that are systemic. Developing an overall response to problems, both real and theoretical, consolidates the possibility of consolidating a shared ethic within educational contexts, overcoming individual problems to find support, confrontation, a framework of reference values.

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