A little bit of bassa reggiana is represented in the dossier “The best start. Inequalities and opportunities in the first years of life“, published on 6th of September 2019 by Save the
Children. Even the Azienda Servizi Bassa Reggiana and the association for the promotion of the educational philosophy 0-6 Progettinfanzia, have contributed to the realization of the study, thanks to the collaboration of the preschools, within which the research was administered.

“The collaboration on the project was very significant – says Mascia Marconi, the pedagogist at the Novellara preschool, an institution which, together with the preschools of Boretto, Brescello, Guastalla and Poviglio, adhered to the experimentation aimed at the dossier. The families were informed, trainees trained to develop the research and the teachers supported and accompanied the process throughout its development.
The data published in these days highlight with numerical proofs that are typical of our pedagogical approach: the infant toddler centers are an indispensable educational experience, an instrument for accessing rights, social dignity, relational and learning opportunities unique for children “.

Il dossier

Save the Children, in collaboration with the Center for the Health of the Child, carried out, in 2019, a first pilot study in Italy, of an exploratory nature carried out directly with the children, with the aim of analyzing the onset and the crystallization of the inequalities between them before entry into preschools, and the possibilities offered by childcare to rebalance these inequalities by accessing equal opportunities.
In the research conclusions it is emphasized that the children who participated, belonging to families with low educational levels and unfavorable working positions, but who have attended a nursery for at least a year, are more likely to respond satisfactorily to the expected questions from the survey in all areas of child development, both with respect to peers who have attended only a supplementary service, and to those who have gone to preschools or who have not attended any service.
There is therefore a direct link between attendance of the infant toddler center and the possession of greater skills, already in preschool.

The dossier: https://www.savethechildren.it/cosa-facciamo/pubblicazioni/rapporto-il-miglior-inizio-disuguaglianze-e-opportunita-nei-primi-anni-di-vita

The contribution of Progettinfanzia

Part of the 653 boys and girls interviewed for the Save the Children dossier, came from the preschools of the bassa reggiana. Participation in the research, which took place between March and June 2019, was strongly desired and supported by all the educational staff. The correlation between enrollment in the infant toddler centers and the optimal development of all the cognitive and socio-emotional skills necessary for the education of individuals who, growing up, will be able to successfully pursue their project is of great interest. of life.

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